This new Lego Creator (40597) Pirate Island Set is subject to conditions

The world of pirates comes to LEGO with a Halloween twist to give fans a unique building experience. The frightening island of pirates (40597) is an invitation to adventure and discovery, mixing mystery and thrills.

Good news, this set of 214 bricks is free for any order of at least €150 on the official Lego store from October 10th.

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Features of the Dreaded Pirate Island (40597)

The island is distinguished by an impressive shark head, whose open jaws reveal a secret cave. Nearby, a ruined castle stands, with a staircase leading up to its heights.

Dreadful Pirate Island Set (40597)

Budding explorers will be delighted to discover a hidden treasure chest, full of gold coins and precious jewels. To add a touch of horror, a skull and a bat are also present on the island. A daring pirate is willing to brave all dangers to get their hands on the treasure. He sails to the island on a simple raft, armed with an oar to move around and a sword to defend himself against possible enemies or creatures.

This set is free from €150 on the official Lego store from October 10th.

Lego Creator Set (40597) Dreadful Pirate Island

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An ideal gift for young adventurers

Aimed at kids ages 8 and up, this 214-piece set is the perfect gift for those who love pirate stories and spooky legends. With its compact dimensions of 13 cm high, 12 cm wide and 9 cm deep, the island is easily transportable, allowing children to play at home or on the go.

The dreaded LEGO Pirate Island offers a world of pirate-themed adventures at a low price (€19.99). This set is free for orders over €150 on the official Lego store from October 10th.

The Dreaded LEGO Pirate Island

See the offer on LEGO.COM
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