Christmas is coming: Lego finally unveils its beautiful “The Alpine Chalet” Set (10325)

The LEGO Winter Village collection is enriched with a new gem: the LEGO 10325 Alpine Chalet. Every year since 2009, in the run-up to Christmas, LEGO has unveiled a new set from this collection for the whole family. These winter creations have become a staple of Christmas decoration for many. After a set that sparked debate last year, the alpine chalet promises to delight the hearts of fans again.

lego 10325

Le chalet alpin

LEGO 10325

Octobre 2023

1517 pièces

5 minifigurines (5 uniques)

99,99 €

Lego Alpine Chalet (10325): Release date and price

The LEGO 10325 Alpine Chalet will be available from October 1, 2023, exclusively on the LEGO Online Store and in official LEGO stores. Composed of 1517 pieces, this set is priced at €99.99, (€0.066 per piece).

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Features of the Lego 10325 set

The LEGO 10325 Alpine Chalet, with its 1517 pieces, includes five minifigures. The cabin, named "Two Pines Inn", is 24 cm wide and 21 cm high. The back of the building is open, allowing you to play on its three levels. On the ground floor there is a reception desk with a coffee machine, a Christmas tree and comfortable armchairs. A luminous fireplace, thanks to a luminous brick, is also present.

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The upper floors offer three beds for guests to rest. A door on the first floor leads to a balcony. Outside, there are rustic toilets and a frozen pond, ideal for playing ice hockey or skating. A snowmobile with trailer completes the set.

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LEGO 10325 Alpine Chalet Atmosphere

The LEGO Alpine Chalet is the latest addition to the popular LEGO Winter collection. It offers a warm atmosphere with its cosy rooms and crackling log fires. This LEGO set is not only a source of relaxation, but also a great gift idea for fans of the LEGO Winter collection.

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