Discover in photos the future Lego 80054 Megapolis City set from the Monkie Kid collection

The world of LEGO Monkie Kid is about to get richer with the arrival of the 80054 Megapolis City set. Eagerly awaited to mark the fifth anniversary of this range, the set can already be seen in the official app dedicated to the assembly instructions for LEGO products. With its 2330 rooms, Megapolis City promises to immerse fans in a dense and detailed building experience.


Immerse yourself in urban life

This set is a celebration of fast-paced city life and will allow you to build a modular set. These modules can be combined to recreate the dynamic metropolis shown on the box. The proposal is ambitious: it does not just propose a fixed assembly, but invites a real interaction with the whole, encouraging creativity and imagination.

Lego 80054 Megapolis City set



Composition of the Lego 80054 Megapolis City set

Megapolis City will not only be a testament to urban architecture, but also a home for fifteen minifigures that will bring the scene to life (such as Monkie Kid, Mei, Pigsy, and many others). Elements include a noodle restaurant, a record store, a chiropractic clinic, as well as a Ferris wheel and elevator, adding a touch of modernity and movement to the ensemble.

Lego 80054 Megapolis City set box

Revealed via the LEGO Instructions app, this set stands out as the third largest in the series at 2,330 pieces, surpassed only by sets 80039 Celestial Kingdoms and 80049 Dragon of the Eastern Palace.

Awaiting launch

Although the set is not yet available on the official website of the LEGO Shop, enthusiasts expect it to make an appearance there soon. This novelty, in its breadth and richness of detail, is an illustration of LEGO's commitment to delivering play experiences that stimulate both ingenuity and social interaction through play.

Ensemble set Lego 80054 Megapolis City

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