Exclusive: a leak finally reveals photos of the future Lego set in GWP, Majisto’s Magical Workshop 40601!

Fans of LEGO and magic will be delighted: the brand new LEGO set in GWP that we talked about, Majisto's Magical Workshop (reference 40601), has been officially confirmed with the publication of three visuals that plunge us into the heart of this enchanted universe. This set has been rumored to be a tangible reality that promises to capture the imagination of builders of all ages.


Majisto's Magic Workshop (40601): a nostalgic return with a modern twist

This exclusive set features the famous Majisto, a character already loved by aficionados of the Lion Knights Castle series. While the figure retains its iconic appearance, collectors will note that, unfortunately, there is no specific print on the torso or legs this time around. However, the authenticity of the character remains intact, with his characteristic pointed hat and magic wand, ready to bewitch the building pieces.

Majisto 40601 GWP Details

Alongside it, a new feature catches the eye: a female Dragon Knight, sporting a new torso. Although it doesn't come with a specific shield or headdress, this warrior adds a touch of diversity and modernity to the whole.

GWP 40601 Majisto-Workshop Leak Details

As for the construction itself, it represents a revisited version of Majisto's workshop. The details are numerous and the design is both faithful to the original spirit and enriched with novelties that will delight fans of the first hour as well as new followers.


Here's what the previous version of the Lego System set from Majisto's Magic Shop looked like:
Majisto-Workshop Old Box

And here is the new version offered under conditions of purchase on the Lego website in a few weeks:

LEGO Castle Majisto 40601 GWP

A gift not to be missed on the Lego shop

This set, which will be offered as a GWP (gift with purchase), is a golden opportunity for collectors to own a piece of LEGO history while enjoying the brand's innovations. Majisto's Magic Workshop is more than just a building game; It is an invitation to relive the chivalrous adventures and spells of yesteryear, with a modern twist.

Majisto 40601

With its launch just around the corner, it's time to get your shelves ready to welcome this new gem to your Lego Castle collection. Keep an eye out for this magical release that should be available around November 18, 2023 and promises to bring a little magic to every LEGO enthusiast's collection.

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