No more rumors! Lego sets in GWP 40601 Majisto’s Magic Workshop and 40602 Winter Market are here!

That's it, they're finally here! We told you about the rumors about the arrival of GWP sets with the winter market stall in Lego Creator, but especially  the magical Majisto workshop awaited by many fans who want to revive their childhood memories! Well, these two gifts, under certain conditions, can be seen on the LEGO shop:

  • Set 40601, Majisto's Magic Workshop in GWP
  • Set 40602, Christmas Market Stall in GWP

To make sure you have the opportunity to acquire these sets, apart from the purchase aspect on the Lego shop, we invite you to register on the site to become an Insiders member and be eligible for these offers:


Exclusive GWP deals for Insiders Weekend and Black Friday

Lego has just released its 2 exclusive sets for the Insiders weekend (November 18 and 19, 2023) and for Black Friday (November 24 and 27, 2023). These are the 40601 Majisto Magic Workshop and the 40602 Winter Market Stall, the images of which had already been seen in our previous leak news.

Set 40601 Majisto's Magic Workshop, a legendary set

LEGO Castle Majisto 40601 GWP

Although the precise conditions for obtaining these two sets as gifts are not yet clear, it seems that the acquisition of the 40601 Majisto Magic Workshop set requires a minimum purchase of €250. This set, priced at €29.99 by LEGO, is a modernized version of the original 6048 Majisto's Magical Workshop set released in 1993, over 30 years ago! A real anniversary event for Lego Castle fans.

It therefore consists of 367 rooms and retains several features of the original, including the ability to open to reveal a detailed interior. The set includes two minifigures: Majisto, equipped with a magic wand, and a new knight.

40601 Atelier Majisto Open


With dimensions of over 19 cm high, 17 cm wide and 13 cm deep, this brick workbench is an ideal gift for LEGO lovers young and old. For us, this is a real collector's item that you absolutely must acquire!

Lego Creator 40602 Winter Market Stall

The Lego Creator 40602 Winter Market Stall set is reportedly free with a purchase of at least €170, with an estimated value of €19.99. It includes 271 pieces.

40602 Winter Market Box

We were right about the elements that would bring this set to life, between the snowman, the Christmas tree, the train, the rocket and the nutcracker. The set also consists of two minifigures dressed in Christmas sweaters.

With its practical dimensions of more than 12 cm high, 14 cm wide and 7 cm deep, it offers a quick and fun building experience, and immerses us in the holiday spirit.

40602 Winter Market


These special offers are a great opportunity for LEGO collectors and fans to treat themselves to unique pieces rich in history.

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