The Lego Icons 10326, The Natural History Museum, scheduled for early December, is already available for pre-order!

Lego has regularly amazed us with its intricate and detailed buildings, but the 2024 collection of the Icons range has something even more impressive in store! The Lego modular building of 2024 takes on a whole new dimension with the brick version of a natural history museum. This set number 10326 will be available from December 1, 2023, one month earlier than planned! With 4,014 pieces, the set from the Natural History Museum (10326) is priced at €299.99.

Pre-order the Lego Icons, Natural History Museum set


The Lego Icons 10326: a glimpse of the Natural History Museum

The 2024 modular will be the largest and most expensive ever! The Natural History Museum (10326) surpasses the current Square Assembly (10255), which also retails for €299.99 but with a few less pieces. This suggests that the Natural History Museum (10326) will not only be the flagship Lego Icons set of 2024, but also the flagship model of the Lego Modular Building range! It's great for expanding your Lego city.

10326 The Natural History Museum

Characteristics of the Natural History Museum (10326)

For €299.99, the Natural History Museum (10326) includes a total of seven minifigures ranging from museum employees to visitors, young and old. That's one less than the Jazz Club (10312) of 2023 , which is much cheaper. The 4,014 rooms in the Natural History Museum (10326) are therefore mainly used for architecture.

It is therefore not surprising that the Natural History Museum (10326) is 39 cm wide and 25 cm deep. The main color of the Natural History Museum is olive green, which means that the 1x2 masonry brick in olive green is making a comeback in 2024.

Pre-order the Lego Icons, Natural History Museum set


A virtual tour of the exterior and interior of the Natural History Museum (10326)

In addition to the beautiful olive green exterior, there is a staircase leading to a double door for the entrance to the museum. Two large brick pillars are also placed just outside the entrance, with an overhanging roof above these pillars. The entire building and this beautifully designed entrance cover the entire base plate, with a section of the usual size for a sidewalk and the iconic white streetlight.

Minifigures Museum Natural History

However, there is still a small gap on either side of the stairs leading to the entrance of the building. Lego has filled that void with two small gardens. Each of these small gardens has a grey minifigure statue, with the one on the right also featuring a large flowering tree. Two cloth banners also cover the front of the museum, advertising dinosaur and space exhibits.


10326 The Dinosaur Museum of Natural History

Moving inside, one will find in the entrance hall of the museum, on the ground floor, a large skeleton of the dinosaur Brachiosaurus. Many small, intricate pieces are used to recreate the bones of a dinosaur that recently appeared in a Lego Jurassic Park set. The dinosaur and its imposing structure span several floors.

Going up, the first floor features a natural history exhibit, while the second floor will house a collection of space and scientific artifacts. This selection even includes a few references to old Lego sets. The museum's curator's office sits on the dark grey roof, just atop the modular Lego building, with two skylights to allow light to enter the museum's lower floors.

lego 10326

Le Muséum d’Histoire naturelle

LEGO 10326

Décembre 2023

4014 pièces

7 minifigurines (7 uniques)

299,99 €

The Natural History Museum (10326) is now
available for pre-order
and will be released one month before the start of 2024, on December 1, 2023. Last year's promotional model, the Moving Truck (40586), will also be available with all pre-orders for a short time.

Pre-order the Lego Icons, Natural History Museum set
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