Leak: Here are the first official images of the next 3 Lego Star Wars sets

Celebrating a quarter century of the brick-and-mortar interstellar saga, LEGO Star Wars proudly announces the launch of 3 exceptional new sets to mark its 25th anniversary. These long-awaited sets, officially revealed today, will be available on March 1, 2024 and are already available for pre-order for fans and collectors to enjoy. Here is the list and the first images:

Lego Star Wars Invisible Hand (75317)

LEGO 75377

Images that have just leaked on social media reveal in detail the new LEGO Star Wars Invisible Hand (75317) set. This representation of General Grie's famous ship has 557 pieces and will be sold at €52.99. With a release scheduled for March 1st, this set is already eagerly awaited by fans of the saga, wishing to add this piece to their collection on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars.


Lego Star Wars Tantive IV (75376)

LEGO 75375

The Tantive IV, the iconic ship that introduced the world to the Star Wars universe, is reimagined in LEGO with set number 75376. Offering 654 pieces, this model will be available for €79.99. It promises to revive the thrilling escape scenes and dramatic beginnings of the Star Wars epic, all paying homage to LEGO's long-standing partnership with the franchise.


Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75375)

LEGO 75375

The most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe, the Millennium Falcon, returns in a new form with set 75375. With its 921 pieces, this mid-scale model is priced at €84.99. Also due out on March 1, it celebrates 25 years of collaboration between LEGO and Star Wars, promising fans a rich and nostalgic building experience.


As the official launch date approaches, these first images give an exciting glimpse of what LEGO has in store for Star Wars aficionados. These three sets, each carrying the franchise's legacy and history, are sure to catch the eye of builders and collectors ready to celebrate a quarter century of LEGO Star Wars.

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