Lego Dungeons & Dragons: The Story of the Red Dragon (21348) finally officially unveiled by Lego

After so much speculation and anticipation, Lego has finally lifted the veil on the mysterious 21348 set, transporting fans into the epic world of "Dungeons & Dragons." It's March 19, 2024, and the excitement is at its peak in the Lego and roleplay community. Embodying the story of the red dragon, this set is a true celebration of the magic, adventure, and thrill that characterize D&D.

Details of Lego D&D 21348 Set


The set promises an immersive experience with its 3,745 pieces, opening up a world of possibilities for builders and adventurers. The details of this set are stunning: a tavern, a tower, a dungeon and, overlooking it all, a towering red dragon with outstretched wings, ready to take flight. Each element tells a story, each figure has its role in the quest.

The included minifigures are a treasure trove for collectors: an elven mage, a dwarven cleric, a gnome warrior, a trickster orc, and the red dragon itself. Fans will be able to recreate iconic D&D battles or invent new ones, thanks to the endless creativity that Lego pieces allow.

  • Set Name: Dungeons & Dragons: The Story of the Red Dragon
  • Number: 21348
  • Number of pieces: 3745
  • Number of figures: 5
  • Prize: 2700 LEGO® Insider Points
  • Release date: April 1, 2024 for Insiders, April 4 for the general public

LEGO D&D launch date

To top it all off, Lego is offering a custom campaign developed in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast. Fans will be able to download this special campaign and dive straight into the adventure with their new set. This is a first in Lego history, combining building and role-playing in a way never seen before.


The 21348 set isn't just a toy, it's a gateway to epic tales, a source of nostalgia for those who grew up with D&D, and a tribute to ingenuity and imagination. Available from April 1st, it's sure to become a coveted collector's item and a jewel in the crown of any Lego and Dungeons & Dragons fan.

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