LEGO Ideas “Red London Telephone Box”: the famous phone booth officially unveiled

LEGO, the Danish brick construction giant, has just lifted the veil on its latest nostalgic creation, the LEGO Ideas 21347 "Red London Telephone Box" set, a tribute to the iconic British phone booths. This new addition is a continuation of collector's sets that revive icons from the past around the world.

LEGO Ideas 21347 Red London Telephone Box: Details

Consisting of 1460 pieces, the set available in preview for Insider members from February 1, 2024, is offered to the public at a Price from €114.99. Imagined and designed with the brand's characteristic attention to detail, the model is a faithful replica of the famous Red London Telephone Box, which one could still imagine seeing on the streets of London, despite the advent of mobile.

LEGO 21347


The LEGO suggestion box, whose selection process is known to be particularly rigorous, chose this design proposed by John Cramp (Bricked1980) for its practicality and aesthetics. The project was approved in February 2023, and is scheduled to go on sale on February 3, 2024, promising to be a hit among collectors and lovers of British culture.

This set is not limited to being a simple decorative object; It's also designed to adapt to different configurations and eras, thanks to modular interior details and a built-in light that illuminates the cabin from the inside. The final height of the model reaches 31cm, making it an ideal display piece, whether for LEGO lovers or those looking to add a touch of British elegance to their interior.



While some purists might be hesitant to incorporate this model into their living room, LEGO Ideas' "Red London Telephone Box" is more than just a phone booth; It is a symbol of a bygone era and a rich culture. LEGO offers an immersive experience here, where building the cabin becomes a real journey back in time.

For LEGO fans, London lovers, or simply collectors of unique items, the "Red London Telephone Box" is a must-have for 2024. It is proof that some icons remain timeless and continue to inspire, even in LEGO format.

A bit of history about the k2 phone booth

London's red phone booth, officially known as Kiosk No. 2 or K2, is an iconic symbol of Britain. Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the K2 was introduced in 1926 by the General Post Office (GPO), which was the operator of public telephones in the United Kingdom at the time.

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