LEGO Monkie Kid: With its 3 sets, create a new city for 2024!

It is with palpable excitement that fans of the LEGO Monkie Kid universe welcome the news of the imminent release of the Megapolis Monkie Kid city scheduled for the year 2024. A tantalizing option for fans eager to create a rich urban diorama by combining three of the series' iconic sets. This announcement is a reminder of LEGO's successful approach with its Ninjago universe, a testament to the brand's ongoing ambition to spark the imagination of builders of all ages.

A promising fusion of sets

Although only a visual is available at the moment, revealing the result of the combination of the three sets, the excitement around this fusion is palpable. We're already waiting to find out if the detailed instructions for creating this diorama will be included in
the City of Megapolis (80054)
set, which goes on sale on January 1, 2024.

For amateurs tempted by this project, caution is advised. It is advisable to Don't delay in getting hold of the two sets already on the market, Lantern City (80036) and The Monkie Kid Team Lair (80044) for the past one and two years respectively, as their popularity is expected to rise again with the possibility of combining them with the product planned for 2024.

With a total cost of €409.99 to acquire all three sets, this opportunity offers an affordable alternative for those who have not yet invested in the massive sets that make up a Ninjago City crossover.

Details about LEGO Monkie Kid City of Lanterns (80036)

LEGO Monkie Kid™ (80036)

Aimed at children aged 9 and up (even as adults, we have a soft spot for this set), this set promises an immersive play experience thanks to the construction of the City of Lanterns (80036). Modular buildings offer flexibility to create a unique city from the different elements of the set. With its 2,187 pieces, this set offers plenty of play possibilities, while allowing children to experience new adventures in the heart of this universe.



Info about LEGO Monkie Kid Monkie Kid's Lair (80044)

LEGO Monkie Kid Team Lair (80044)

Designed to delight children from 9 years old, The Monkie Kid team's den (80044) promises an unparalleled fun experience with its 9 infinitely reconfigurable modules. The included 6 minifigures and numerous accessories offer children the opportunity to immerse themselves in many stories, while exploring the rich world of Monkie Kid.



Information about LEGO Monkie Kid City of Megapolis (80054)

city of Megapolis (80054)

Suitable for ages 10 and up, this 2,330-piece modular set offers a creative and immersive building experience. With a multitude of characters and accessories, this template allows children to create a city in their own image, stimulating their imagination and creativity. You can already find the set in the LEGO Builder app while waiting for its release.

The LEGO Monkie Kid universe continues to evolve and delight building enthusiasts of all ages, with an experience full of creativity, action and adventure.




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