Lego officially unveils the beautiful Lego Orient Express Train (21344) and it’s available in a few days!

A new excitement is taking hold of Lego enthusiasts as the brand officially unveils the highly anticipated Orient-Express Train (21344) set. Scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, it revisits the original mythical train. At the heart of this adaptation is a creative reinterpretation that promises a unique building experience, immersing builders in the captivating world of the legendary train.



An ode to history and creativity

Lego officially unveils the set Lego Ideas Orient Express Train (21344). A box containing 2540 pieces that will enter the market from December 1, 2023, available both on the official online store and in physical Lego stores, all at the retail price of €299.99.


This set has its roots in the original creation entitled "The Orient Express, A Legendary Train", proposed by Thomas Lajon on the Lego Ideas platform. This proposal had won the 10,000 supporters needed to be evaluated, finally obtaining final validation in April 2022.



Liberties taken compared to the real train

In celebration of the 140th anniversary of the real train, this official version is inspired by the original idea while adding its own twist:

  • an additional wagon;
  • a variation in colors;
  • A locomotive slightly reduced in length and detail, while preserving the very essence of the train.

This interpretation almost transforms the train into a playset, complete with removable roofs for the carriages and some interior fittings to bring the passengers provided to life.

Video in English, remember to turn on subtitles

This outing is a tribute to the history of the famous Orient Express while representing the limitless creativity of the Lego community. The adaptation of the original project offers enthusiasts a new way to relive the epic of the legendary train through meticulous details and an immersive building experience.

Availability and expectations of the Orient-Express train set (21344)

The Lego Ideas Orient-Express Train (21344) set will go on sale from December 1, 2023, already raising expectations among Lego enthusiasts and fans of the iconic train. With its unique features and direct connection to history, this set promises a captivating building experience for fans of the Danish brand.

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