Lego unveils its latest LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4 Promo Set

LEGO's colourful and creative universe is getting even bigger with the release of its latest promotional set, the LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4. This exciting new creation takes LEGO fans on a journey through the cultures of the world, discovering their unique architectures.

LEGO (40599) Houses of the World 4: Explore the Houses of the World

The LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4 is much more than just a set of bricks; It is an open window on the cultural diversity of our planet. With this set, LEGO celebrates the architectural richness of different regions of the world, offering builders the opportunity to recreate traditional homes, each with its own charm and distinctive style.

LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4 Promo Set

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This set includes a variety of world house designs, ranging from African huts to alpine chalets, Japanese houses , and many more.

Each model is designed with meticulous attention to detail, faithfully capturing the architectural essence of its respective region.

LEGO Houses of the World

Builders can delve into the culture of each home by discovering the unique features of their interior.

A recent reveal has revealed the fascinating details of the interior of LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4. Inside this two-storey house, you will find:

  • a kitchen,
  • a living space,
  • One bedroom
  • and a bathroom, just like in the other previous gifts in the "Maisons du Monde" series.

Images also show a small gap between the front of the house and the wall separating it from the sidewalk, hinting at additional details out of sight.

See the offer on LEGO.COM

Lego 40599 Houses of the World 4: Free from 250 purchase!

The LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4 is available as a gift with purchase on This set is valued at €19.99 and includes 318 pieces. Also, the description confirms that this model is inspired by buildings in China. This special offer is a great opportunity to get this unique set while experiencing the architectural richness of China.

40599 Houses of the World 4

The LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4 is part of a collection of four sets, each representing a different region of the world. With 318 coins, it holds the second highest number of coins in the series. It is highly likely that it will be available in the future for the same purchase threshold as the other three models, which is €250.

While full details of the GWP offering are yet to be revealed, this listing suggests that the opportunity to get the LEGO 40599 Houses of the World 4 for free will not be long in coming. Stay tuned for LEGO announcements so you don't miss this chance to complete your collection of "Houses of the World" while exploring cultures around the globe.

See the offer on LEGO.COM
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