Lego unveils its new LEGO ART 31211 Macaw Parrots. A design piece to display at home

The world of LEGO never ceases to surprise and innovate, and its latest creation, the LEGO ART 31211 Macaw Parrots, is shining proof of this. Announced for release on January 1, 2024, this 644-piece set promises to bring a touch of color and creativity to the interiors of LEGO and design lovers.

LEGO ART 31211 Macaw Parrots: details

LEGO Art 31211 Macaw Parrots

  • Name: Macaw Parrots
  • Number: 31211
  • Number of pieces: 644
  • Price: €49.99
  • Release date: 01/01/2024
  • Link:

The LEGO ART 31211 Macaw Parrots stands out for its unique concept: assemble a duo of colorful parrots to hang on the wall. This innovative idea marks a turning point for LEGO, which explores wall art, an area that has been little explored in its collections until now. Each parrot is designed to be a standalone work of art, allowing builders to display them together or separately, depending on their preference.


With a retail price set at €49.99, this set is not only affordable, but also an investment in a unique decorative object. The two included instruction booklets make it easy to assemble, making the experience enjoyable, whether solo or collaborative. It's a perfect opportunity for families or friends to share a moment of creation together.

LEGO Macaw Parrots

This set is part of "The Fauna Collection", suggesting that LEGO may have more wildlife-themed surprises in store for us in the coming months. This collection could become a must-have for collectors and interior design enthusiasts.


The LEGO ART 31211 Macaw Parrots is more than just a toy; It's a true piece of design. It offers a new way to enjoy LEGO, not only as a hobby but also as an elegant decorative element. This set is ideal for those looking to add a touch of originality and color to their living space.

LEGO ART 31211

All in all, the LEGO ART 31211 Macaw Parrots is proof of LEGO's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and design. It is certain to become a topic of conversation in any household, bringing a touch of cheerfulness and innovation.


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