New Lego sets are coming soon for the release of the upcoming Despicable Me movie

In 2024, fans of LEGO and Despicable Me will have a lot to look forward to. To celebrate the release of the fourth installment in the franchise in July, LEGO has announced the launch of 5 new sets based on Despicable Me 4. These new products, scheduled for release on May 1, 2024, promise to bring even more fun and creativity to fans of these famous building bricks.


La Maison Gru (75583) is the first set announced

Among the most eagerly awaited sets is Gru's House, listed as 75583. This set, which is said to be the first to depict the home of the main character of the saga, consists of 868 pieces and is said to be priced at $99.99. In addition to the house itself, the set would likely include new figures of the characters from the film, including Gru.

Gru's House

We don't have a visual of this new set yet, but it should happen soon.

In addition to Gru's house, LEGO plans to launch four more "Despicable Me" sets, the details of which are still unknown.


Up to 5 new Despicable Me sets expected at Lego

These sets reportedly range in price, ranging from $24.99 to $54.99, and also include a 48-piece polybag sold for $4.99. Here is a summary of the information available so far on these sets:

  • Set 30678: (Details unknown) - 48 pieces, $4.99, released May 1
  • Set 75580: (Details unknown) - 136 pieces, $24.99, out May 1
  • Set 75581: (Details unknown) - 379 pieces, $39.99, out May 1
  • Set 75582: (Details unknown) - 839 pieces, $54.99, released May 1
  • Set 75583: Gru's House - 868 pieces, $99.99, out May 1

These new LEGO "Despicable Me" sets are an opportunity to recreate scenes from the movie with your kids and reunite with iconic characters from the series. As for the film, the release is scheduled for July 3, 2024 in the United States.


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