Nostalgia: Lego releases this beautiful Super Mario Piranha Plant 71426 Set.

September 21, 2023 marks an important date for fans of LEGO and the Super Mario™ universe. Indeed, LEGO has just made official the release of a brand new set: the LEGO® Super Mario™ Piranha Plant (71426). Although it will be available online today, you will have to wait until November 6 to get your hands on it.

Features of the Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant 71426 set

  • Name: Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant
  • Number: 71426
  • Release date: 6/11/2023
  • Price: €64.99
  • Number of rooms : 540
  • Dimensions: More than 23 cm high, 11 cm wide and 17 cm deep

A set rich in details

Date LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant

Composed of 540 pieces, offered at the price of €64.99, this set is a real invitation to relaxation and creativity. Fans will be able to immerse themselves in the construction of this articulated Piranha Plant, faithfully reproducing the distinctive traits of this iconic character. Its head, mouth, stem and leaves are fully modular, allowing it to be given the attitude of your choice.

Once assembled, the Piranha Plant sits elegantly in a pipe made of bricks, ready to be proudly displayed in your home or workplace. Note though, this model is purely decorative and doesn't have any digital gaming features.

An ideal gift for all ages

This LEGO Super Mario collector's set is the perfect gift for fans of the Super Mario™ universe. Whether it's for a birthday, the end of year celebrations, or simply for the pleasure of giving, it will delight young and old alike. To make it easier to assemble, detailed instructions are provided, both in the box and in the LEGO Builder app. So even LEGO novices will be able to enjoy the experience to the fullest. As a bonus, the set also includes two "coin" elements, adding a touch of authenticity to the set.


71426 LEGO

A growing collection

The Piranha Super Mario™ Plant (71426) has been added to the range of LEGO sets for adults. Each set in this collection offers a unique building experience, allowing everyone to find what they are looking for, whatever their passion.

In conclusion, this new LEGO Super Mario set is a real gem for collectors and lovers of the Mario universe. One thing is for sure, it is likely to quickly become a must-have!

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