Our precious one is finally here, in pictures and it is magnificent. Lego unveils the 10333 Barad-dûr set from The Lord of the Rings

Long waits often lead to the most beautiful revelations, and today, dear Lego enthusiasts, we are spoiled. Just two days after an announcement that thrilled fans of The Lord of the Rings saga, the first official visuals of the highly anticipated LEGO LOTR Barad-dûr 10333 are finally here, finally revealed. Dated May 14, 2024, here are the first visuals of this jewel that has not finished making headlines.

Lego Lord Of The Ring 10333 Barad-dûr

From rumors to reality, The Lord of the Rings extends its shadow into the LEGO universe with breathtaking creative audacity. Announced by a mysterious trailer, Set 10333 Barad-dûr immortalizes the sinister fortress of Sauron in bricks. Here's what the toymaker shared about this Mordor gem:

  • Set Name: Barad-dûr
  • Set Number: 10333
  • Release Date : 01/06/2024
  • Price: €459.99 / $459.99
  • Number of figurines: 10
  • Link: Lego.com

This monument of more than 5471 pieces offers an incredible immersion in the heart of one of the most emblematic fortresses of Middle-earth. The confirmed presence of a Sauron minifigure, as well as ten other characters - including Frodo, Sam and Gollum - is a testament to the rich narrative of the set. With imposing dimensions, 83 cm high and 45 cm wide, it promises to be the focal point of any collection. And the mystery remains, Sauron's stature will continue to fuel conversations until his revelation.

LEGO Lord of the Rings 10333


Of note, the purchase of the set will include the GWP Fell Beast 40683, adding even more value to this tempting offer.

The excitement reaches its peak as the first visuals circulate, already, fans imagine what the experience of building this fortress of evil will be like. A topic that ignites all discussions, do you plan to succumb and add this marvel to your collection? Share your opinions and expectations, because it is your passion that breathes life into each brick.


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