The first visuals of the LEGO 40611 Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year Promo Set are here

In 2024, LEGO will continue its series of sets celebrating the signs of the Chinese zodiac with the release of the 40611 Year of the Dragon set, in honor of the sign of the dragon, which will dominate the year from February 10, 2024 to January 28, 2025. Since 2013, LEGO has established an annual tradition of commemorating each year's representative animal in the Chinese zodiac through special promotional products, and in 2024 it will be the dragon's turn to be immortalized in LEGO bricks.

Lego 40611 Year of the Dragon


LEGO 40611


  • Name: Year of the Dragon
  • Set number: 40611
  • Number of parts: NC
  • Release date: Mid-January 2024
  • Price: Free from 85€ of purchase
  • Link:


This set will be accompanied by a "red envelope", thus respecting an Asian custom. During the New Year's festivities, it is traditional to offer money in red envelopes to loved ones. LEGO is inspired by this practice by including an envelope in the set. Although the outside of the envelope is not red, the inside respects the traditional color. In addition, the box is designed to be customizable with a label where the recipient's name and the origin of the gift can be inscribed. However, in order to insert the money into the envelope, it is necessary to open the set beforehand, which involves breaking the transparent sticker of the packaging, although it is resealable.


The LEGO Year of the Dragon promotional product will likely be available in early 2024, likely as early as mid-January, if LEGO continues to follow its annual tradition. To get this set as a gift, customers will probably have to reach a minimum purchase amount, which, based on previous years,
could be set at €85

This LEGO initiative not only celebrates the rich culture and traditions of the Chinese zodiac, but also provides a unique experience for LEGO fans and collectors. Each year, these themed sets capture the essence of the zodiac animal depicted, and with the Year of the Dragon, fans can expect an impressive and iconic design, true to the mythical stature and powerful symbolism of the dragon in Chinese culture. This set, like its predecessors, is more than just a toy; It is a celebration of cultural diversity and a tribute to centuries-old traditions.


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