The future 2024 LEGO Sonic, Super Mario, Minecraft and Jurassic World sets are revealed in pictures!

LEGO fans are always eager to see what's to come. And for 2024, they won't be disappointed! Several brands, including German retailer JB Spielwaren, have started unveiling future sets for the Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario, Minecraft and Jurassic World ranges at bargain prices for January 2024.



Sets for video game and movie enthusiasts

We're not going to hide, these sets are often intended for the youngest, even if the most nostalgic among us, easily let themselves be tempted by game licenses that have followed us during all these video-game years.

But among the sets revealed, there is one that particularly catches our attention: the set 76964 Dinosaur Fossils: T-rex Skull.

As the name suggests, this set offers to build a T-rex skull, accompanied by a paw print and a presentation plate. The mention of "fossils" in the name of the product suggests that this could be the first in a series of sets dedicated to fossils. A collection that will undoubtedly delight paleontology enthusiasts and that could find its place on a shelf.

More generally, here is an overview of the sets announced:

  • LEGO SONIC The Hedgehog 76995 Shadow's Escape (196 pieces - 20.99 €)

  • LEGO Jurassic World 76963 Baby Dinosaur Rescue Centre (139 pieces - 39.99 €)

  • LEGO Jurassic World 76964 Dinosaur Fossils: T-rex Skull (577 pieces - 39.99 €)


  • LEGO Super Mario 71429 Nabbit at Toad's Shop (230 pieces - €19.99)

  • LEGO Super Mario 71430 Penguin Family Snow Adventure (228 pieces - €19.99)

  • LEGO Minecraft 21252 The Armoury (203 pieces - 19.99 €)

  • LEGO Minecraft 21253 The Animal Sanctuary (206 pieces - 19.99 €)

When will it be available on the official LEGO website?

It won't be long before you find these sets on the official LEGO online store. The high-resolution visuals will likely be posted there soon, allowing fans to get a more detailed look at these 2024 novelties. One thing's for sure: next year is off to a great start with low-cost sets on popular licenses.

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