The new LEGO sets for the Chinese Lunar New Year 2024 are available and they are beautiful!

As Lunar New Year 2024 approaches, LEGO is unveiling two new sets that promise to capture the essence of traditional Chinese festivities. Thanks to the LEGO Builder app, fans were able to get a first look at the 80112 Auspicious Dragon and 80113 Family Reunion Celebration sets, two creations that celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon in style.


The 80112 Auspicious Dragon Set: An Iconic Collector's Item

Auspicious Dragon Box 80112

The 80112 Auspicious Dragon set of 1171 pieces is a true ode to one of the most powerful symbols of Chinese culture. Representing strength, luck, and prosperity, this dragon model is designed to be a centerpiece of any New Year's celebration.

80112 Auspicious Dragon 1With its meticulous details and dynamic design, the Auspicious Dragon is an impressive LEGO representation that is sure to catch everyone's eye.

80112 Auspicious Dragon 2

80112 Auspicious Dragon 3

80112 Auspicious Dragon 4


Back to the roots with the 80113 Family Reunion Celebration set

Family Reunion Celebration Box 80113

The second set, 80113 Family Reunion Celebration, with its 1823 pieces, is a tribute to the very first set of the Chinese Traditional Festivals series, the 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner.

80113 Family Reunion Celebration Back 1

This new interpretation transports us to the heart of a family reunion dinner, but with a modern twist: the scene takes place in a multi-level Chinese restaurant.

80113 Family Reunion Celebration Levels 3

Each floor of the restaurant is designed to reflect the harmony and joy that characterizes these much-loved family gatherings.

80113 Family Reunion Celebration Minifigs 2

80113 Family Reunion Celebration 6


An early release for Asia-Pacific

While release dates and pricing have yet to be announced, we can expect these sets to be available in Asia-Pacific in the last week of December, ahead of a global launch in January 2024, following the tradition of previous releases.

LEGO sets that promise to become classics

These new LEGO Lunar New Year sets are more than just toys; They reflect a rich culture and tradition that endures. They offer builders of all ages the opportunity to celebrate the New Year in a creative and playful way.

80012 Auspicious Dragon 5

Whether it's to honor the Year of the Dragon or to recreate the warm atmosphere of a family dinner, these LEGO sets are destined to become beloved classics for collectors and fans alike.

80113 Family Reunion 7

With the Year of the Dragon on the horizon, these LEGO Lunar New Year sets are an invitation to build, celebrate and share the joys of New Year's Eve with family and friends, while adding a touch of LEGO magic to those precious moments.

2 Extra Sets to Complete Lunar New Year 2024

In addition to the beautiful Dragon and family reunion, 2 additional sets complete the Lunar New Year 2024 celebration with Mickey Mouse (40673 Spring Festival Mickey Mouse) and a Lego New Year's Calendar (40678 Festival Calendar).
40673 LEGO Spring Festival Mickey Mouse 2024

40678 LEGO Chinese-New Year 2024 Festival Calendar

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