Upcoming Lego Ideas 2024 Set Officially Revealed With Release Dates

At the beginning of 2024, LEGO Ideas has just unveiled the different Sets that have been selected from the creations of enthusiasts. These sets, the result of the collaboration between LEGO and its community of fans, promise to seduce in view of the different licenses and themes addressed. Here is the list with price, number of pieces, number of sets etc.. Please note that the visuals are of course not yet available, only the Lego Ideas proposals are displayed here:

List of Lego Ideas 2024

Family Tree (21346)

Lego Ideas Family Tree

The first of these sets, the Family Tree (21346), is the result of the LEGO Ideas x Target Family Challenge. Scheduled for release in February, this set includes 1040 pieces and probably a small family of minifigures. Priced at $89.99, it will be available exclusively at Target in the U.S. and on Lego.com


The Red Telephone Box in London (21347)

LEGO Ideas Phone Booth London

Then, the Red Telephone Box of London (21347) will appear. This model, 31 cm high and composed of 1460 pieces, will be available for $114.99. A special feature of this set is the built-in light brick at the top of the cabin, illuminating its interior. Builders will have the choice between a button phone or a rotary dial.

Dungeons & Dragons (21348)

LEGO Ideas Dungeons and Dragons

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, LEGO will launch this set (21348) in April. With 3745 pieces, this set becomes the second largest and most expensive in the Ideas series, priced at $359.99.


Cat (21349)

LEGO Ideas Cat

In June, LEGO will introduce the LARP Cat (21349), a 1710-piece model that retails for $99.99. This set promises to be a unique addition to any LEGO collection.

Jaws: Jaws (21350)

LEGO Ideas Jaws

Finally, LEGO plans to launch a set based on the popular movie "Jaws" (21350). Although not much information is available at the moment, this set is highly anticipated by fans.

The LEGO Ideas 2024 lineup will offer an impressive diversity, from architecture to film culture to role-playing games. These sets, designed in collaboration with the LEGO community, are a celebration of creativity and innovation, offering unique and rewarding building experiences. Other Lego Ideas sets are also in development and will be the subject of another article.


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