This Lego Mickey Mouse set (40673) and holiday calendar (40678) complete the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year series

LEGO is expanding its Chinese Lunar New Year collection with two new sets celebrating the 2024 Spring Festival. These latest innovations, available from January 1, 2024, complete the range for the Chinese New Year festivities.

Two days ago, we presented the 80112 Auspicious Dragon sets and the Family Reunion Celebration (80113). At the end of the article, two never-before-seen photos of a New Year's calendar, as well as Disney's mouse dressed in traditional attire were revealed. These two sets are now available on the Lego website, as well as the Dragon and the family reunion, but beware, no pre-orders for now:

40673 Spring Festival Mickey Mouse

See the 40673 Spring Festival Mickey Mouse BrickHeadz set on


40678 Holiday Calendar 3

See the 40678 Festival Calendar set on


Mickey Mouse invites himself to the Chinese Lunar New Year with the 40673 set

Among the novelties, the 40673 Spring Festival Mickey Mouse BrickHeadz set stands out in particular. This collectible figure features the famous Disney character, Mickey Mouse, dressed in a traditional tangzhuang, embodying the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year in 120 pieces. This set is a charming fusion of Disney magic and Chinese tradition, likely to appeal to both Disney fans and those celebrating the Spring Festival. It is a collector's item that is reminiscent of the exclusive products that can be found at Disneyland Shanghai, making it unique for admirers around the world.

40673 Brick Headz Mickey Mouse

See the 40673 Spring Festival Mickey Mouse BrickHeadz set on


The New Year's Eve Calendar (40678) and its Dragon Boat

As a tribute to the first set of sets of the Spring Festival, the 40678 Festival Calendar set is a creative and functional nod. It includes a buildable calendar with adjustable dials to mark the passing of days and months. This interactive set references the 80103 Dragon Boat Race and is designed to fit day/month and month/day date formats. However, LEGO enthusiasts will have to be prepared for a bit of manual work, as the calendar has plenty of stickers for customization and a total of 345 pieces.

40678 Holiday Calendar Back Box 40678 Holiday Calendar Box

See the 40678 Festival Calendar set on


These sets will be exclusively available on the official LEGO website and in LEGO stores, providing direct access to these festive models. These sets not only celebrate the rich cultural fabric of the Lunar New Year, but also provide a fun and interactive experience for LEGO fans.

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