8 AI-generated Lego sets for Halloween! Which one is your favorite?

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it, the urge to shiver with fun with spooky stories. But what if these stories came to life as LEGO bricks? Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, Internet users have imagined LEGO sets inspired by the greatest horror classics for you. So, which of these terrifying sets would you add to your collection?

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1. Freddy Krueger

freddy krueger lego

Immerse yourself in the nightmarish world of Elm Street with this LEGO set. Build Freddy's haunted house, complete with his sharp claws and iconic hat. But be careful, don't fall asleep, or he might come to visit you...

2. Chucky

lego chucky

Who says dolls are always cute? With this set, the owned toy Chucky is in the spotlight. With his knife in his hand and his mischievous smile, he is ready to sow terror.

3. Beetlejuice

LEGO Beetlejuice

Step into the supernatural world with the LEGO Beetlejuice set. Build the dinner scene with all the diners at the table and of course, Beetlejuice himself, with his striped suit and tousled mane.

4. Scream

scream lego

Relive the most terrifying moments from the movie with this LEGO set. The latter only reveals characters fleeing into a forest from the killer inspired by Munch's scream.

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5. Friday the 13th

Friday The 13th Lego

Camp Crystal Lake has never been so scary. Build the camp, the lake and of course, Jason Voorhees with his hockey mask and machete.

6. The Shining

The Shiiniing Lego

"Here's Johnny!" Assemble the famous bathroom scene in the Overlook Hotel with Jack Torrance, ready to take on his family.

7. Edward Scissorhands

Edwards ScissorHands Lego

Immerse yourself in Edward's poetic and melancholic world with this LEGO set. Build the Gothic castle, the sculpture garden and Edward, with his scissor hands.

8. The Alien and the Predator

Lego Jungle Hunt

For sci-fi fans, this fake set should be a must-have. Assemble the alien jungle and the galaxy's two most fearsome creatures, ready to clash.

See the Sets offered on LEGO.COM


These images of LEGO sets, although generated by artificial intelligence, are unfortunately not available for purchase. But who knows? Maybe one day, LEGO will be tempted by these terrifying ideas.

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