A Star Wars Lego 75384 Young Jedi Adventures set planned for early 2024? All the info here!

A new LEGO Star Wars set, titled "Young Jedi Adventures: Crimson Firehawk," is set for release on January 1, 2024. This set, numbered 75384 , is inspired by the "Young Jedi Adventures" series and focuses on the Crimson Firehawk spaceship, piloted by Nash Durango during the High Republic era. The ship has been a recurring feature in the series since it first aired in May.



The Crimson Firehawk spaceship in Lego

The set, aimed at children aged 4 and up, includes 136 pieces and will retail for $49.99 in the US. In addition to the Crimson Firehawk spaceship, the set also includes a small speeder bike, which can be driven by one of the three minifigures provided. This speeder can be stored in the back of the Firehawk. The set also includes a small market stall.

Nash Durango and other figures in the set

As for the figures, although their exact identity is not confirmed, it is likely that Nash Durango will be included, as well as two or three other characters such as Kai Brightstar, Nubs, RJ83 or Lys Solay, all members of the crew of the Crimson Firehawk in the series.

This LEGO set promises to be a quality addition for young Star Wars fans, offering both interactive play and immersion in the world of the High Republic. With its youngster-friendly design and iconic characters, it's ready to capture the imagination of young builders and enrich their LEGO Star Wars collection. Scheduled for release on January 1, 2024. Maybe the first Lego set you're going to buy in 2024! In the meantime, check out our
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