After a cyberattack, the biggest Lego enthusiast site finally gives us news!

Bricklink, the popular platform for LEGO enthusiasts, is back online after several days of shutdown due to a cybersecurity incident. The Bricklink team has been working hard to restore the site, and everything seems to be back to normal. Users are asked to update their passwords, and the team has tightened security requirements. Fortunately, it appears that Bricklink's main database and its systems have not been compromised.


A cyberattack for Bricklink!

The incident began with a threat and
ransom note on November 3
. Bricklink had already detected limited suspicious activity since mid-October, with unauthorized sellers offering products at very low prices and fraudulently accepting payments. In response, the site was put into maintenance mode to protect members and control the platform during the investigation. It has been found that a few Bricklink accounts have been hacked, but there is no evidence that the systems have been compromised. The incident is believed to have been caused by a credential stuffing attack, where lists of illegally obtained usernames and passwords were used on the site.

Bricklink directly incentivized users to change their passwords.

A cyberattack for Bricklink!

All members whose accounts were potentially hacked or whose data was recovered were contacted with a message urging them to renew their passwords. This may be the case for you.

Changing your password on Bricklink

Although the Bricklink site itself was not breached, additional security measures were put in place. Members whose accounts or stores may have been impacted have been notified, and tips on securing accounts have been shared.


Takeover of Bricklink

"The Bricklink team apologizes for the disruption and inconvenience caused and remains available for any questions or concerns," an official statement read. This experience highlights the importance of cybersecurity and vigilance in the digital world, especially for popular platforms like Bricklink. The responsiveness and measures taken by Bricklink demonstrate their commitment to the security and trust of their users.

The Bricklink team apologizes for the interruption and inconvenience caused

The swift resumption of Bricklink and enhanced security measures are reassuring to the LEGO fan community and serve as a reminder to all of the importance of robust online safety practices.

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