Hurry up, these LEGO sets will soon be taken off sale permanently!

Lego collectors and enthusiasts are in for a disappointing moment as several iconic sets are about to disappear from the shelves. Now is the time to seize this opportunity and get your hands on sets that will become highly coveted collector's items. Hurry up before it's too late!

We put here a small selection of sets, but we invite you to check out the page because there are some surprising sets that will disappear. In particular, we find Star Wars, which we won't be honoring here for once. Then don't hesitate to check out the dedicated page.



Immerse yourself in childhood memories with Winnie the Pooh (21326)

Immerse yourself in the magic of childhood with the Lego Ideas set of Disney's Winnie the Pooh (21326). This Winnie set includes a Lego brick replica of Winnie the Pooh's house in the Forest of Blue Dreams. It also includes a plethora of realistic details such as:

  • Winnie's armchair;
  • the cuckoo clock;
  • jars of honey and much more.

Hurry up and capture those precious moments of family relaxation, because this set is about to disappear!

Celebrate the art of travel with the Lego World Map (31203)

Art World Map (31203)

Let your creativity flourish with one of the largest Lego sets to date. The Lego Art World Map (31203) measures no less than 65 cm by 104 cm ! This project allows you to customize oceans and countries to create a map of the world that represents your personal vision. With an immersive soundtrack and endless customization possibilities, this kit is a must-have for travel and art enthusiasts.

lego 31203

World Map

LEGO 31203

Juin 2021

11695 pièces

249,99 €



Relive History with the Colosseum in Rome (10276)

LEGO Colosseum (10276)

Experience the timeless elegance of the Colosseum in Rome with this Lego model for adults. Every detail of this famous structure is carefully reproduced in the Colosseum of Rome set (10276), providing a fascinating building experience. It's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in history while adding an impressive piece to your Lego collection. That's 9,036 pieces added to it!

lego 10276


LEGO 10276

Novembre 2020

9036 pièces

549,99 €

Travel to space with Galaxy Explorer (10497)

Le Galaxy Explorer(10497)

This special edition Galaxy Explorer (10497) celebrates 90 years of Lego creations. The set is reminiscent of the classic 1979 version of the contraption. Immerse yourself in space nostalgia with this detailed template, including features such as:

  • the rear doors that open;
  • a compartment for the rover;
  • and a spacious cockpit.

A perfect gift for space lovers and Lego enthusiasts!

lego 10497

Galaxy Explorer

LEGO 10497

Août 2022

1254 pièces

5 minifigurines (3 uniques)

99,99 €

Awaken your inner strategist with the Iconic Chess Set (40174)

LEGO Chess Set

Unleash your strategic mind with the iconic LEGO chess set. With a chessboard and pieces built using classic LEGO bricks, this set is ideal for playing anywhere, whether it's a game of classic chess or checkers.

lego 40174

LEGO Chess

LEGO 40174

Janvier 2017

1450 pièces

64,99 €

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