Lego Zelda leak: here’s everything we know about the next set scheduled for 2024

Excitement is running high in the LEGO and Zelda fan community, as a new leak has revealed details about a highly anticipated set: the LEGO Zelda 77092 - The Great Deku Tree. Scheduled for release in September 2024, this set promises a deep dive into one of the most iconic elements of The Legend of Zelda video game series.


Lego Zelda 2024: the arrival of the big Mojo tree

The Great Deku Tree is much more than just a piece of scenery in the Zelda universe. He is a wise and protective character, often seen as the guardian of the forest and a spiritual guide for the protagonist, Link.

His first appearance was in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", where he served as an introducer to Link's epic, entrusting him with valuable quests and advice.

Its majestic presence and crucial role in the game's storytelling make it a natural choice for a LEGO set, offering a collector's piece loaded with nostalgia and meaning. You'll probably be able to reconstruct the majestic stature of the Mojo Tree, with its outstretched branches and wise face.

The LEGO Zelda 77092 set is announced with an impressive total of 2500 pieces, promising a rich and detailed building experience. LEGO designers have a reputation for capturing the essence of the franchises they adapt into bricks, and we can expect this set to be no exception.

While the official details are yet to be confirmed, the anticipation for this set is already palpable. While waiting for the first official visuals, the community had already made their own MOCs of the Mojo tree :

Moc Tree Mojo Lego

A release scheduled for September 2024

The potential release of this set in September 2024 coincides with a time when nostalgia for classic games is at its peak, and LEGO's popularity continues to grow among fans of all ages. The LEGO Zelda 77092 - The Great Deku Tree isn't just a building set; it's an invitation to relive the most memorable moments of the Zelda series, through the creative and playful lens of LEGO bricks.


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