Leak: The first images of the Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Set have just leaked

The internet is abuzz with an unexpected event for LEGO and Disney fans: images of the highly anticipated upcoming set, "43242 - The Seven Dwarfs Cottage", have surfaced ahead of the official announcement. This set, designed for adult builders (18+), offers a dive into the enchanted world of Snow White.

Lego The Seven Dwarfs Cottage 43242

The set, which includes 2228 pieces, promises to recreate the Seven Dwarfs' playhouse in detail and fidelity, giving fans an immersive experience in Disney's first animated classic.

Snow White Lego Disney Leak


Availability and price of Set 43242

Leak Lego Disney 43232

  • Set number: 43242
  • Name: The Seven Dwarfs Cottage
  • Price: US $219.99 - FR €219.99 - UK £194.99
  • Release date: March 1, 2024
  • Minifigures: 10
  • Number of pieces: 2228
  • Location: Lego.com

This leak indicates that fans can expect the set to be available for purchase as early as March 1, 2024, at a price that seems justified by the number of pieces and the complexity of the design.

A design that captures the essence of the film

The first photos show a faithful representation of the dwarves' home, with an attention to detail that promises to transport builders to the heart of the enchanted forest where Snow White finds refuge. Surrounded by her new friends, she escapes the jealousy of the queen and experiences emblematic moments that this set is about to immortalize.

Growing anticipation

While waiting for an official confirmation from LEGO, the community is already expressing great enthusiasm. The expectation is high to be able to recreate this part of Disney's cinematic history, and to relive the cult scenes of the film through the editing of this set.


Stay tuned for official information that will confirm these details and perhaps even give us a deeper look at what is destined to become a priceless collector's item for LEGO Disney lovers.

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