Leak: We finally have the visuals of the next 2 Lego Star Wars sets of 2024

The first images that have leaked on the internet reveal what appear to be the upcoming sets celebrating the 25th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars. While LEGO hasn't made an official announcement yet, these visuals give fans an exclusive sneak peek at what's new that could soon join their galactic collection.

R2-D2 (75379)

The iconic droid R2-D2 returns in a more compact buildable version. This new model, consisting of 1050 pieces, will be offered at the attractive price of €99.99. A faithful companion to the heroes of the saga, this R2-D2 promises to be a centerpiece for fans and collectors alike.

  • - Set number: 75379
  • Name: R2-D2
  • Release date: March 1, 2024
  • Price: 99.99€
  • Rooms: 1050
  • Minifigures: 2
  • Special Anniversary Figure: Darth Malak
  • Link: Lego.com

The R2-D2 set will come with not only a minifigure featuring him, but also the iconic figure of Darth Malak, paying homage to 25 years of LEGO Star Wars. This exceptional addition adds nostalgic and collectible value to the set.


Boarding the Tantive IV (75387)

Fans of re-enactments of mythical scenes will be delighted with the Boarding the Tantive IV set. This model, which contains 502 pieces, is available for €54.99. It allows you to relive the intense moments of the beginning of the saga and enrich the battle scenes with six minifigures, including Darth Vader and ARC Trooper Fives, the latter being an anniversary figure.

  • Set number: 75387
  • Name: Boarding the Tantive IV
  • Release date: March 1, 2024
  • Price: 54.99€
  • Pieces: 502
  • Minifigures: 7
  • Special Anniversary Figure: ARC Trooper Fives
  • Link: Lego.com

A collection that will grow

The two sets revealed are just the beginning of a series that promises to be rich for fans. More anniversary minifigures are expected, fueling rumors and fan excitement. Among the names floating around are Cal Kestis, Young Leia and Infinites Darth Vader, characters who have left their mark on the Star Wars Extended Universe.


Passion at the rendezvous

The LEGO Star Wars Anniversary Collection is an invitation to celebrate two and a half decades of successful collaborations and unforgettable creations. It's an opportunity for fans of all ages to dive or re-dive into building their favorite scenes and add unique pieces to their collection.

While the excitement is palpable, the community is invited to share their impressions and expectations for future announcements. The total number of anniversary minifigures that will be revealed remains a mystery, but one thing is certain: the LEGO Star Wars adventure is far from over.

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