Lego doubles your points from December 8th to December 12th! Last offer not to be missed

In a seductive holiday offensive, Lego is giving an early gift to its most loyal customers. Through its Lego Insiders program, the brand offers a limited offer that will delight collectors and budding builders.

The perfect opportunity to maximize your pre-Christmas rewards

LEGO Insider December Double Points

From December 8 to 12, members of the Lego Insiders loyalty program will be able to have their reward points doubled. This initiative provides the perfect opportunity for those who had their sights set on the latest sets or the longed-for classics to get them while maximizing their loyalty point earnings.


Attractive discounts on

Although the rewards program was rebranded last August, the value of the points earned remains unchanged. For Insider members, each set of 750 points can be redeemed for a €5 discount on a future purchase in the official online store or LEGO stores. Members have the flexibility to create vouchers worth €5 (for 750 points), €20 (for 3000 points), €50 (for 7500 points), or even €100 (for 15000 points) via the rewards portal. Once issued, the voucher is valid for 60 days.


This promotion applies to all purchases made on the site as well as at participating Lego stores, including yellow flag stores of franchised Lego Certified Stores . It's the perfect opportunity to add to your collection or give gifts that keep on giving, thanks to points that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards.

The benefits of being a Lego Insider member aren't limited to doubled points. Upon registration, members enjoy a multitude of benefits, including early access to new sets, exclusive rewards, contests, and much more. This loyalty program is designed to engage the Lego community and enrich the experience of buying and building Lego.

To become a member and take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is create an account, if you haven't already, and join the community of enthusiasts who share your enthusiasm for Lego creations. The program is accessible to anyone over the age of 18 and is available in several regions around the world.

In summary, for those who already have construction projects in mind or who are looking for the perfect gift, Lego's double point offer is a bargain to be grabbed without hesitation. Don't miss this opportunity to be a Lego Insider and enjoy all the benefits that come with this membership.


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