Majisto Magic Workshop LEGO Icons (40601) coming soon to GWP? This is the latest rumor with a release date!

LEGO fans are always on the lookout for the latest news and exclusive offers. And this time, they won't be disappointed! A rumor is circulating about a new LEGO Icons set, and it seems that it is linked to a character well known to fans of the brand: the magician Majisto that we had already talked about on a previous rumor.


A strong comeback for Majisto in GWP and a release date

Majisto, the iconic magician of the 90s, could be making a comeback. According to some sources, LEGO Icons is planning to launch the 40601 set, dubbed "Majisto's Magic Workshop" as GWP (Giveaway With Purchase).

And the most exciting part? This new feature would be available from November 18, 2023 ! But for now, there is nothing referenced on Lego's website. As usual with this kind of rumor, you don't have to wait long for confirmation.

The announcement of his return, even in the form of a rumor, is therefore enough to titillate the fans of the first hour. We still don't know if this set will be identical to no. 6048:

For those who don't know Majisto, this is a flagship character in the LEGO Castle range, first appearing in 1993. With his blue outfit, pointed hat, long beard and magic staff, he left his mark on a whole generation of builders.


An exclusive Lego Icons set (40601) for collectors

Majisto's Magic Workshop would not be an ordinary set. Indeed, it is whispered that it would be a GWP offer, i.e. "Gift With Purchase". In other words, to get it, you would have to make a LEGO purchase of a certain amount. A strategy that LEGO regularly uses to build customer loyalty and encourage purchases.

While the precise details regarding this offer are still unclear, the excitement is at an all-time high. What will be the purchase value required to get this set? How many coins will it have? And above all, what surprises does Majisto have in store for us in his magical workshop?

It's hard to find any additional information, even if the leak had already been circulating for a few months. Here is what we could find:


We just have to wait for official confirmation from LEGO Icons. But one thing's for sure: Majisto's magical workshop promises to make people happy!

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