Lego reveals new Animal Crossing sets on its website and a release date

As we revealed a short time ago, LEGO recently announced a new collection inspired by the enchanting world of Animal Crossing. Fans or parents can already take a look at this exclusive collection on the official LEGO website, where the five unique sets are presented in detail, although they will only be available for purchase from March 1, 2024.

Discover the 5 Lego Animal Crossing sets

The collection includes the following sets, each capturing the essence and charm of Animal Crossing in a unique way:

  • Lico's birthday snack (77046), consisting of 170 pieces and priced at €14.99:

Birthday Snack Lico Set 77046

View Animal Crossing Set 77046


  • Outdoor activities by Clara (77047), with 164 pieces for €19.99:

Clara 770477 s Outdoor Activities Set

View Animal Crossing Set 77047


  • Admiral's Sea Excursion (77048), a set of 233 pieces at €29.99:

Admiral Sea Excursion Set 77048

See Animal Crossing Set 77048


  • Marie en visite (77049), a larger set of 389 pieces for €39.99:

Visiting Mary 77049

See Animal Crossing Set 77049


  • Nook Shop & Rosie's House (77050), the largest set of 535 pieces at €74.99:

Nook Shop & Rosie's House

See Animal Crossing 77050 Set


Figure fans will be pleased to discover that each set includes iconic Animal Crossing characters, such as Lico, Clara, Admiral, Mathéo, Marie, Bibi, Tom Nook and Rosie.

LEGO has designed this collection with flexibility and adaptability in mind. Each set can be combined and rearranged with the others, allowing fans to create and customize their own Animal Crossing world. An intuitive click system makes it easy to assemble and edit sets, encouraging creative expression and innovation.

With this new collection, LEGO and Animal Crossing invite fans to immerse themselves in a world where creativity and imagination reign supreme, offering an unprecedented play and building experience. Each set is an open door to a fascinating universe, ready to be explored and enjoyed by fans of all ages. It's a shame that these new Legos won't be released until next year as Christmas is fast approaching.

Finally, the 5 sets are offered at attractive prices for a license that is likely to be a great success.

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