Lego is spoiling us with 2 gifts on its GWP shop, the ViP pack Christmas (40609) and Galileo (40595) until November 16th!

It's time to take advantage of two special offers in GWP that will delight Lego enthusiasts. Until November 16, 2023, the famous toy manufacturer is offering two attractive gifts: the Tribute to Galileo set (40595) and the ViP Christmas pack (40609) for insider members.



Immerse yourself in the world of Galileo with the Galileo Tribute (40595) set

Building enthusiasts can get the Tribute to Galileo (40595) set as a gift if they make a purchase of at least €130. This set, in tribute to the illustrious scientist, will delight curious minds and history enthusiasts.

40595 lego Galileo

Pay homage to legendary astronomer Galileo with this detailed Lego Ideas set, designed to celebrate his groundbreaking discoveries. This captivating template includes:

  • a meticulously designed research room;
  • a telescope to be built to examine the heavens;
  • a rotating heliocentric model, reminiscent of Galileo's vision of the solar system;
  • a table and chest of drawers;
  • fascinating experiments with the "stone";
  • a cartographic representation of the Earth;
  • and a meticulous image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Galileo's hometown.

This Tribute to Galileo set (40595) is made up of 306 pieces. It introduces you to Galileo's scientific discoveries and allows astronomy enthusiasts of all ages to immerse themselves in his legacy. Measuring over 9 cm high, 19 cm wide and 10 cm deep, this model also makes an educational gift. It will entertain Lego lovers and adults fascinated by astronomy.



The Christmas VIP Pack (40609): a touch of magic for the holidays

As for the ViP Christmas pack (40609) of 146 pieces, it is offered to members of the Lego Insiders program for any purchase of at least €50.

40609 LEGO Christmas VIP Pack

For a touch of festive magic, Lego presents the Christmas VIP Pack (40609), a playful set of 146 pieces ideal for Lego builders aged 6 and up. This Christmas polybag contains a selection of small holiday-themed items, perfect for brightening up your seasonal creations.

With its diverse assortment of parts, this pack offers builders the opportunity to bring the Christmas spirit to life, helping to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere during the holidays.

Lego is spoiling us with 2 gifts on its GWP shop, the ViP pack Christmas (40609) and Galileo (40595) until November 16th!

Don't miss out on this limited opportunity

Please note that these offers are subject to availability. Knowing that LEGO promotional products sell out quickly, it's advisable not to delay in taking advantage of these exceptional gifts! If Galileo's office is one of your desires, don't hesitate too long. Also, make sure you are logged into your Lego Insiders account when completing your purchase to ensure you receive the free polybag.

Lego spoils us once again with these special gifts, a perfect opportunity to add unique pieces to your Lego collection. Don't wait any longer, head over to the Lego Shop to take advantage of this offer before it disappears.

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