Lego makes our mouths water and unveils the 1st teaser of this highly anticipated Set

On Monday, February 19, Lego ramped up the excitement among fans of role-playing games and brick building with the release of a teaser for a highly anticipated set. Part of the LEGO Ideas range, this set celebrates the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the most iconic role-playing game of all time. Although the teaser is short and reveals only a few details, it is enough to arouse the interest and curiosity of fans.

Teaser of the next Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons

The teaser shows some intriguing elements like book pages, a ring, a shield held by a skeleton, a key, and a sword. These clues, although subtle, promise a set rich in details and references to the D&D universe. The final product still remains a mystery, and fans are eager to see the official announcement. In the meantime, find the project that has been chosen as a base here.

Set Details

  • Set name : Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons
  • Set number : 21348
  • Number of pieces: 3745
  • Release date : April 2024
  • Price : €359.99
  • Availability:

A collection of Dungeons & Dragons minifigures coming soon

At the same time, we announced the arrival of a collection of minifigures dedicated to Dungeons & Dragons, under set number 71047, scheduled for September 1st. This collection pays homage to the diversity and richness of the D&D universe, offering fans the opportunity to recreate epic adventures with some of the game's most iconic characters.

The collection will debut with figures such as the Tiefling Sorcerer and his Red Baby Dragon, the Golden Dragonborn Paladin, and Tasha the Witch Queen, among others. Each figure represents different races, classes of adventurers, or even legendary characters from D&D, promising a rich and varied gaming and collecting experience.


This dual announcement, from the teaser for the LEGO Ideas set and the minifigure collection, shows Lego's commitment to exploring fantasy worlds and providing fans with innovative and desirable products. Fans of D&D and Lego can therefore look forward to a year 2024 full of adventures and magical constructions.

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