One of the biggest LEGO sites in the world victim of a huge hack? Explanation of the situation.

Bricklink, the go-to platform for LEGO enthusiasts, is facing an extended service interruption, officially attributed to "maintenance". However, the lack of clear communication and the sudden nature of this interruption is fueling speculation of a possible cyberattack.

Bricklink a victim of hackers? Rumours and Concerns

Whispers on the internet (like this Reddit below) suggest that it could be a hack by an unknown team, potentially accompanied by a ransom demand of €50,000. Bricklink's homepage remains evasive, only hinting at "unusual activity" and promising a return to normalcy as soon as possible.

Re ransom demand from apparent hackers (why BrickLink is currently down)
byu/pshbrk inBricklink

LEGO's reaction

LEGO, which has owned Bricklink for a few years now, has yet to formulate an official response. Users, both sellers and buyers, are eagerly awaiting clarification regarding the security of their accounts and personal data.

Lego Hack

Potential Consequences

There are unofficial accounts of inventory changes and fraudulent transactions, culminating in threats to delete some sellers' inventories if a ransom is not paid.

Safety Tips

Bricklink users are strongly advised to check their logins and make sure they do not reuse the same passwords on other sites, as a precaution against a possible data leak.

While waiting for a formal statement from LEGO, the community remains on alert, hoping for a swift and transparent resolution of this troubling situation.

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