Rumour: The Lego Creator 40602 set, the winter market stand, is said to be GWP on November 18th!

In the exciting world of LEGO builds, a new release is eagerly awaited by fans of the brand. Slated for release on November 18, 2023, the LEGO Creator 40602 "Winter Market" set promises to bring a touch of seasonal magic to collections. This kit, which is part of the end-of-year promotional offers (GWP or Gift With Purchase), is presented as a picturesque market stall, immersed in an enchanting winter setting.

Be careful, the visual put forward corresponds to the stand released in 2013, for the moment we don't have any official or leaked visuals to show you, but if all this is confirmed, we should have in a few days the confirmation but especially photos of the set!

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Details of the Winter Market Stand 40602

With its 271 rooms, the "Winter Market Stand" captures the essence of the festivities with a stall built mainly of brown bricks and pops of color, evoking the warmth of wood. The Christmas decorations are not to be outdone, with traditional red and green colors, which harmoniously complete the ensemble.

The items offered for sale at the booth are expected to be a rocket, a toy soldier and a little blue train.

The LEGO Creator set isn't limited to the stall itself; Even though the visual shows us here it also includes two figurines :

  • a salesman and a young boy,
  • as well as a snowman, adding a touch of life and cheerfulness to the scene.

Aimed at a young, family-friendly audience, this kit is in line with LEGO's festive sets, offering a building experience that is both simple and immersive.

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A new kit from this November

While details regarding the price of this set are not yet known, it is almost certain that the "Winter Market" will be available during the LEGO VIP Weekend, from November 18 to 19, as well as during Black Friday, from November 24 to 27.

This launch coincides with other highly anticipated releases, such as Majisto's Magic Workshop, adding to the appeal of this period for LEGO fans.

The LEGO Creator 40602 Winter Market set is a celebration of the holiday season, giving builders of all ages the chance to create and imagine idyllic winter scenes. With its charming design and expressive minifigures, this kit is sure to become a staple of LEGO collections during the holidays and beyond.

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