Christmas is coming soon: 5 exclusive LEGO sets, rare or on the verge of extinction, to grab urgently for the holidays!

As the holiday season approaches, LEGO is unveiling an enchanting selection of sets and special offers, promising to make Christmas 2023 unforgettable for kids and adults with a passion for building. With a diverse range from classic Advent calendars to exclusive sets, LEGO offers options for all ages and interests, ensuring moments of sharing and creativity under the tree.



Themed, exclusive and limited sets for an enchanted Christmas

For those looking to add a touch of LEGO magic to their Christmas décor, there are several sets on offer. Some are exclusive, others are novelties that enter the Lego catalog, but we also find sets that are rarely released and a set that will definitely leave the catalog.

Exclusive sets for the 2023 edition of Christmas

The LEGO Christmas Tree (40573) of 784 pieces, with its detailed design is a must-have Exclusive this year, as well as Santa's Sleigh (40499) of 343 pieces and 2-in-1 Christmas Wreath (40426) of 510 pieces, which also offer creative options to beautify any living space. These sets are not only fun to build, but also perfect for adding a LEGO touch to Christmas décor.

Exclusive Christmas Sets



Set number 10308 The high street decorated for the holidays, a rare set to find!

10308 Street Decorated Party

lego 10308

Holiday Main Street

LEGO 10308

Octobre 2022

1514 pièces

6 minifigurines (6 uniques)

99,99 €


The LEGO High Street Holiday Decorating Set (number 10308) is a set that features 1,514 pieces and offers an immersive and creative building experience. It features a bustling street in Christmas colors, with a toy store, a decorated tram, a music store, and a central Christmas tree. The set also includes six minifigures, including a child, two customers, two shopkeepers and a tram driver.

Compatible with Powered Up devices and rails (sold separately), this set can be animated for an even more dynamic experience. It's an ideal addition to any LEGO Winter Village collection, providing a festive scene to share and display. In addition, this set is quite rare, which makes it a good opportunity to embellish your decoration during the Christmas holidays.


Last chance to acquire Santa's Visit (10293)

10293 Visit Santa Claus

lego 10293

Santa’s Visit

LEGO 10293

Octobre 2021

1445 pièces

4 minifigurines (4 uniques)

99,99 €

The LEGO Santa's Visit (10293) is a charming, detailed creation that's perfect for celebrating the Christmas spirit. This set, which depicts a warm Christmas scene, features a house decorated with holly branches, an illuminated Christmas tree, and intimate family scenes like a candlelit meal and a little girl dreaming of Christmas.

With 1,445 pieces, it offers an immersive building experience. Featuring four minifigures, including Santa, this set is a perfect representation of the magic of Christmas. This is also the last chance to acquire it, in fact, it will soon disappear from the LEGO catalog, making this acquisition even more special.

The final extra: Advent Calendars for a festive countdown!

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76418)

LEGO Advent Calendars are back, with a variety of themes to please everyone. Whether it's the magical world of Harry Potter, the intergalactic adventure of Star Wars, or the urban animation of LEGO City, these calendars are perfect for building the excitement before Christmas. Every day reveals a new Lego surprise. Although Lego offers them on its shop, we advise you to check out our promotional article on Advent calendars to benefit from better prices!

This was just a small panel of what LEGO offers for the Christmas holidays, you can find many more sets available on the official shop by clicking on the following button:

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