The latest Lego Star Wars sets, officially available for pre-order on Amazon

Star Wars and LEGO fans, rejoice! Three new LEGO Star Wars sets are now available for pre-order on Amazon, promising to delight collectors and fans of the saga. It's an opportunity to dive into the intergalactic universe with detailed models and exclusive figures. Let's discover together these three creations that will undoubtedly become key pieces of your collection.

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV (75376)

LEGO 75375


The Tantive IV is back in LEGO with the 75376 set. This ship, emblematic of the Star Wars saga, is offered at the price of €79.97. This model is a must-have for fans of the series, offering an impressive level of detail that will capture the essence of this iconic diplomatic cruiser. Its slender structure and multiple details such as the anti-fighter turrets and the faithfully reproduced cockpit make this set an exceptional piece. With its 216 pieces, it is aimed at an adult audience, looking to enrich its collection with high-quality models.

The Millennium Falcon (75375)

LEGO 75375


For fans of Han Solo's famous ship, the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75375) set is now available for €79.99, taking advantage of a 6% discount. Consisting of more than 200 parts, this model is a detailed replica of the fastest ship in the galaxy. With its unique features such as the cockpit, satellite dish, and cannons, the Millennium Falcon is a collector's item that will enchant builders of all ages, eager to relive iconic Star Wars scenes.

Boarding the Tantive IV (75387)

LEGO 75387


The third set, Boarding the Tantive IV (75387), is a dynamic stage offered at a price of €49.99, with a 9% discount. Designed for children aged 8 and up, this set of over 100 pieces depicts the legendary boarding scene of the Tantive IV. It includes Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and Rebels minifigures, providing an interactive gaming experience. In addition to building, this set encourages creativity and storytelling, allowing kids to re-enact epic battles or invent their own adventures in the Star Wars universe.


All in all, these three LEGO Star Wars sets offer a total immersion in the universe of the saga for fans of all ages. Available for pre-order on Amazon, they make ideal gift ideas to celebrate the anniversary of the saga or simply to expand your collection of intergalactic memorabilia. Don't delay in booking yours, as these sets are often out of stock shortly after release. Pre-ordering is an opportunity not to be missed to guarantee the acquisition of these jewels from the Star Wars galaxy.

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