The Lego Natural History Museum (10326) is coming soon, the largest set in the Modular Buildings collection!

2024 is shaping up to be an exceptional year for LEGO fans with the release of the largest modular set ever created by the brand. Dubbed the "Lego Natural History Museum" and serial number 10326, this LEGO set promises to be sublime. Here's what we know about it.

lego 10326

Le Muséum d’Histoire naturelle

LEGO 10326

Décembre 2023

4014 pièces

7 minifigurines (7 uniques)

299,99 €

Pre-order this Set 10326 on LEGO.COM

A set of more than 4000 pieces

Scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, this modular set doesn't do things by halves. With a total of 4014 pieces, this is the largest modular set ever designed by LEGO. Better than the 10255 Assembly Square set with 4002 pieces or the 10312 Jazz Club set (2899 pieces).

The price is set at €299.99, a substantial price but justified by the richness of the details and the complexity of the construction. The base of the museum is approximately 38.4 cm wide and 25.6 cm deep, providing ample space for the exhibition.

Lego Natural History Museum Modular Set (10326)

The Natural History Museum is not just a building. It is a real invitation to discovery and learning. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a life-size brachiosaurus skeleton. The first floor is dedicated to an exhibition on natural history, while the second floor immerses visitors in the world of science and space.

Nods to old LEGO sets are even scattered throughout, much to the delight of long-time fans. The museum's curator's office is also at the top of the building, adding a touch of realism to the whole.

Pre-order this Set 10326 on LEGO.COM

The actors of the museum

The set also includes a total of seven minifigures, adding an interactive dimension to the build. Among them, one can expect to find the museum's curator, visitors, vendors, and maybe even security guards.

Each figure helps bring this miniature museum to life and enrich the play experience. The set is therefore not only an architectural feat but also a living scene populated by various characters.

Lego Natural History Museum (10326)

The LEGO 2024 Natural History Museum is a centerpiece. Between its impressive size, its thematic richness and its many minifigures, it has everything to become a classic in the world of Modular Buildings Collection LEGO sets .

Pre-order this Set 10326 on LEGO.COM
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