The most expensive Lego in the world? This gold Lego piece has been sold for an incredible price

Dear LEGO fans and collectors, a historic auction has just taken place for an exceptional piece of solid gold. This rare piece, a 14-karat gold BIONICLE mask, was sold for an impressive $18,101 at a sale that caused a stir in the community.

A Second Chance for Lego Collectors

18K Gold LEGO Helmet

Initially sold for $33,000 at a first auction, the transaction did not go through, as the mystery buyer was unable to finalize his purchase. The reappearance of this coin on the market has therefore offered a new opportunity for enthusiasts. Produced in about 30 units in the early 2000s, distributed internally at LEGO as well as during competitions, this piece symbolizes a mythical part of the brand's history.


A rediscovered gem

The story of this piece is all the more extraordinary as it was discovered by chance in a Goodwill store in the United States, hidden in a box of various jewels. The alert of a collector, willing to pay $100 to acquire it, alerted employees to the potential value of their find.

The auction craze

LEGO Bionicle Gold Mask

The sale attracted attention with 48 different offers, testifying to the strong interest in this collector's item. The identity of the buyer remains a mystery, fueling speculation and excitement within the LEGO fan community.

For those who dream of owning a replica of this mask without breaking the bank, it is possible to get a 'BIONICLE gold' version of Tahu for a much more modest fee on BrickLink. Although these copper masks, distributed during the first edition of the BIONICLE, remain relatively rare, they represent an accessible alternative for collectors.

Lego Bionicle Gold Helmet Auction


This sale illustrates not only the sentimental but also the financial value that rare and unique LEGO pieces can achieve. It highlights the unwavering enthusiasm for these little bricks that continue to fascinate and inspire generations of fans around the world.

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