The next free set (GWP) LEGO Ideas 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei is revealed in pictures

LEGO enthusiasts can rejoice, because the next treasure in the Ideas collection is about to make an appearance! The long-awaited Tribute to Galileo Galilei set (40595) promises to be a gift with a must-buy . This coin celebrates the Italian astronomer's legacy in a way that will delight LEGO fans and history buffs alike. Get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Galileo with this exclusive gift that promises to captivate curious minds and construction enthusiasts alike.

An imminent release for the Tribute to Galileo Galilei (40595)

We don't have an official release date, nor purchase thresholds for the Tribute to Galileo Galilei (40595). But it will likely be available from November 1, 2023, right after the current offerings with the GWP Mini Steamboat Willie (40659) and Houses of the World 4 (40599) come to an end.

Tribute to Galileo Galilei Box (40595)

A Detailed Tribute

The Tribute to Galileo Galilei set (40595) includes a Galileo Galilei figurine in his study, which is decorated. In addition, you will find:

  • a library;
  • miniature plants, including that of the Earth orbiting the sun;
  • a balcony with a telescope that scans the night sky.

In line with other historical tributes

The Galileo Galilei minifigure is fantastic, and another historical minifigure that LEGO has added to its collection.

The Tribute to Galileo Galilei set (40595) has been added alongside other historical sets:

Eiffel's apartment

These Lego sets featuring real-life historical figures who contributed to science, exploration and engineering were also offered in GWP.

Tribute to Galileo Galilei set (40595)

Thoughtful design

This Tribute to Galileo Galilei (40595) set is part of the Lego Ideas theme. Its original idea comes from fan designer Firecracker who won the Ready, Set, Go Stem fan vote, which was announced in June 2022.

LEGO IDEAS 40595 Galileo

Looking at the original design, it seems that the designers of the final set were largely inspired by it. Similar techniques are used for the layout of the room, the arches, and even the Moon orbiting Galileo's desk.

LEGO IDEAS 40595 Galilei

Interesting sets are on the horizon to be able to enjoy this gift with purchase. You may even be able to pre-order the Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter (10327) set ( which you can find our preview of here) to enjoy the Galileo Galilei GWP!

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