Leak of new Lego Marvel (76269) Avengers Tower Set : pictures and release date

Fans of the Marvel Universe can look forward to the imminent release of the LEGO Marvel (76269) Avengers Tower set. This colossal model will be available exclusively during Black Friday. Be careful, you will only be able to get it on November 24, 2023 on the brand's website! You'll find it for €524.99.



LEGO Marvel (76269) Avengers Tower: An Impressive Building

While LEGO has previously offered three different versions of the Avengers Tower (40334, 76038 and 76166), these were noticeably smaller and more affordable in terms of budget.

LEGO Marvel 76269 Avengers Tower

The LEGO Marvel (76269) Avengers Tower set consists of an impressive total of 5201 pieces and stands at a height of 90 cm. True to its name, this set is a meticulously detailed replica of the Avengers Tower, with a wealth of details and accessories. Builders can easily remove one side of the structure as well as the roof to access the interior.

In addition, the set includes a Leviathan, a Quinjet , and 2 Chitauri Chariots, allowing you to replay epic battles and daring rescue missions.


The video is in English, remember to turn on the subtitles.




Key features of the LEGO Marvel (76269) Avengers Tower playset

  • Set number: 76269
  • Name: Avengers Tower
  • Theme: Marvel
  • Parts: 5201
  • Miniatures: 31
  • Dimensions: 90 cm high
  • Price: €524.99 on the LEGO Shop
  • Release date: November 24, 2023 (Black Friday)
  • Suitable for ages: 18+

In addition, the set would come with 31 figures. Manufacturers can expect an impressive series of heroes like this leaked leak:

Character in the Avengers Tour Set 76269

  • Iron Man (2 different armors);
  • Hawkeye;
  • Falcon;
  • Vision;
  • Ant-Man;
  • the Wasp;
  • a newly designed Hulk;
  • Pepper Potts;
  • Helen Cho.

Reissued figurines:

  • Nick Fury;
  • Thor;
  • Chitauri;
  • Tony Stark;
  • Captain America;
  • Black Widow;
  • War Machine;
  • The Scarlet Witch;
  • Pepper Pots;
  • Wong.

We don't know if this is a definitive list, this info mentions 22 characters, but the announcement on the Set talks about 31 figures.

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