This series, which was a hit on Netflix, will be adapted into Lego for 2024

LEGO is slowly unveiling its new collection for 2024, this time plunging into the deliciously dark gothic of the " Wednesday" series, inspired by the mythical Addams Family. This series promises to bring a touch of dark humor and macabre elegance to the collections of fans of all ages.


A Lego Wednesday BrickHeadz set planned for 2024

The first set revealed, numbered 40750, is part of LEGO's popular BrickHeadz line , known for its stylized, cubic minifigures that capture the essence of popular culture characters with distinctive charm and seductive simplicity.

This 239-piece model priced at $9.99 is perfect for collectors and fans of the series, offering a cartoonish and adorable version of their favorite characters.

The uniqueness of the BrickHeadz lies in their unique design: disproportionate eyes and an oversized head that immediately give a dose of personality and humor to each character. They stand out in the LEGO universe for their minimalist yet recognizable approach, making them prized collectibles that can be displayed anywhere that could be reminiscent of Funko Pop figures.

We still don't have a visual of this set scheduled for October 1, 2024, but already last year, a fan had made this Wednesday MOC in BrickHeadz mode:

Fan-made Brickheadz LEGO Wednesday
source: / Moc Wednesday BrickHeadz



2 Sets Still Unknown to Honor the Adams Girl

LEGO's Wednesday 2024 series expands beyond the BrickHeadz with sets number 76780 and 76781, which remain mysterious for now with their question marks.

These sets of 702 and 750 pieces , respectively, priced at $49.99 and $79.99, are the subject of speculation and anticipation. We can expect iconic scenes and characters from the series, recreated with the attention to detail and innovation that LEGO always brings to its creations.

Slated for release on October 1, fans of the series will not only be able to build but also relive the adventures of Wednesday and her atypical family, perhaps even including their gloomy mansion and the various eccentric characters that populate their universe. These sets are expected to be released in the Lego Ideas collection.

For your information, a fan had already made his own unofficial Lego Wednesday character, accompanied by the Thing. Maybe a source of inspiration for future mystery sets:

wednesday fourstud

While waiting for more complete reveals, we are curious to discover the future visuals of this Wednesday collection and we will be sure to share them with you as soon as the first leaks are released.


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